Style Your Bed in 3 Steps & Make Your Room Shine

Right in the middle of the messy room, where the sunshine falls and the darkness does, as well, where dreams are getting real, where dreams are getting odd, where dreams are born and raised, right in the middle of the quietest and noisiest room, of the room that brings a sense to your life and brings life to your joys, where secrets are spoken and truths are shared, where fears are broken and silence is spread, right in the middle of this little heaven in the little house in the middle of the little city in this little univerwall-panel-416041_960_720se, million miles away from the sun, right there is your magical bed.

And you love it. You so do. And because you treat specially the things you love, you want to make it look special, as well. But how to create the perfect and unique bed style? The steps are easy to follow, just take a look:

The Sheets

This is no doubt the easiest part as there is no way you can sleep in a bed without those. And we all love clean bed sheets, don’t we? Chose the color and the patter or stay basic and classical and buy white ones. Your bed will still look fancy in the end, I promise.

The Blankets

Then you need something more colorful. Something with spirit that is more than just a piece of textile. Buy a blanket that will be your blanket. Choose it nicely. The colors here matter, for sure.

The Cushions

These are like the cherry on the top of the cake. They make everything perfect and complete. Here the rule is simple. You need as many as possible. They are never enough. Unless you get annoyed of having to make your bed every morning, then reduce their number.